Friday, September 23, 2005

Blockbuster vs. Netflix. The Great Debate.

Before moving to outside of Philadelphia, I knew that my social life would take a huge hit. I knew I would need something to occupy me now that I am out of school and will have more free time on my hands.

So, I decided to give Netflix a try.

To be honest, I was a victim of marketing when it came to deciding to go with Netflix over Blockbuster. Netflix has the ever critical "first mover advantage". By being first to market, they were able to buy up a large portion of the market by building a strong brand name, and creating a quality service. But, upon further research of the two online video rental providers, I have come to realize that choosing Netflix was in fact the best to go with.

Both providers have a 2-week free trial. Both have a "As low as $9.99/month" sales promotion. Both have plans that allow customers to have 3 DVDs out at any given time for $17.99 (the most popular for both brands). Both also have a plan which allows you to have 2 at a time (maximum 4) for $11.99 per month.

However, Netflix has one key option to choose from that ultimately work out better for me. For only $14.99 per month, you can have 2 DVDs out at a time, and receive an unlimited amount of movies. This means, that instead of being limited to 4 DVDs for the entire month (like the $11.99 plan), for $3 more I can receive as many movies as I can send back and fourth for the month.

To me, this is the greatest convenience ever. I will never need 4 movies at once, but I like the convenience of building my queue of movies to as high as I want, and knowing that when I send one back, there will always be another movie on the way.

If you are at all interested in starting an account with an online movie rental service, I recommend Netflix.

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