Monday, March 06, 2006

Google Page Creator, Not Enough Hype ... But Not Good Enough For it Yet

When I first found out that Google had made it possible for Gmail users to have their own web pages with the Google Page Creator ... I was very excited. So excited in fact that I logged in right away and began making a page of my own.

It was through Google Page Creator that I made ... my new official site. Honestly, it does everything I need ... but not everything it could do.

Google Page Creator is a great way for a novice at web design like myself to make an attractive site for people to check out. However, it could use some more work. It is impossible to change the layout of the sites, add links to images to external websites, or to create your own template. I don't need MY own template, because is as good as I need it to be for what it is for, a site about me. But, if I were into web design more, and wanted the freedom, the lack of those features would probably annoy me.

Also, it doesn't create frames. I can't make one header or footer go across all of my pages. Now, I realize that Google Page Creator makes "pages" and not "sites (whatever that means), but if I was able to make one standard footer (like my copyrighting footer), that would be very helpful.

The fortunate thing is, Google Page Creator is in beta form ... so changes will come. Knowing Google, they will meet all of my expectations, and more.

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