Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Audience With the Pope

In response to this article, my buddy Branden sent me this sequence of IMs.

mrbmorris (9:29:03 AM): Tell me that you didn't get referenced in a Seth Godin article.
Gilley115 (9:39:57 AM): yes I did
mrbmorris (9:40:16 AM): All of my usually Gil-bashing aside, that's pretty sweet. Nice work.
mrbmorris (9:40:27 AM): it's like getting an audience with the Pope.
Gilley115 (9:40:30 AM): thanks
mrbmorris (9:40:30 AM): better, even
Gilley115 (9:40:43 AM): haha

Thanks Seth ... You made the day!

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