Monday, April 23, 2007

UPDATED: New England's Rising Middle Finger

You know, I move to Hartford, partially to support the revitalization efforts of the city. I support the town's efforts to rebuild after the departure of the Whale, big industry, etc.

But then, over the last two weeks Heather and I's cars have been towed under two separate occasions. No we were not parked in fire lanes. No we were not double parked in the middle of the road (like many people) ... we are simply victims of authorities deciding to randomly enforce stupid rules.

1) Heather's car gets towed FROM OUR RESIDENT LOT, after she forgot to hang her resident sign from her rear view mirror. Yes, that is a failure on her part ... but consider the circumstances.
  • She has been parking there since December.
  • She has never NOT had her window hanger before.
  • The towing company told us they "know which cars belong and do not belong (obviously not).
  • There are a couple cars that had expired window hangers from back in November that were parked there until last month.
Tell me how it is fair that she forgets to hang her tag ONCE and doesn't get a warning?

2) Last night I parked my rental car from work on the street in front of my building (where I park my rental car all the time). This time, I got a spot that is directly in front of our door, which is usually taken for obvious reasons.

This morning, the car was towed. I look around and notice a sign "No Parking 12 AM - 6 AM". Again, I was in the wrong ... but how in the wrong was I? Take into account:
  • There has been the same car parked there for 2 weeks at a time prior to this.
  • I have parked there a few times before.
  • This rental car happened to have New York license plates.
What a load of crap, Hartford. I love how policies are selectively enforced when it is convenient. New England's Rising Star? I rise my middle finger at you. In December ... it's goodbye Hartford.

Of course, after further review. My car was not towed because it was illegally parked. It was towed for "Safe keeping", as the passenger side window was smashed RIGHT outside of the club downstairs. So I am still mad at Hartford, but for a different reason.

Stay classy, Hartford.


  1. How consistently rules are enforced doesn't really change the fact that they're still valid, enforceable rules. Quit yer whining and pay attention next time.


  2. Did you read the update, wise ass? I wasn't towed because I was illegally parked (because I wasn't) ... I was towed because the car was broken in to and the cops towed it for safe keeping.