Sunday, June 24, 2007

New England's Rising Star

Let the love/hate relationship I have with Hartford, Conn. continue. Today, I began my quasi-daily routine of walking around Hartford over the summer to burn some empty calories and get some much needed fresh air. I went for a stroll down to the Riverfront, where there is a wonderful amphitheater, vendors and such ... as well as around the block from the Connecticut Convention Center and under construction Science Center.
The United Church of Christ was having its annual meeting at the Hartford Civic Center and its Exhibition Halls, so the streets were packed with people for the first time I can remember on a Sunday afternoon. I just hope that they spread the word of all of the great things we have around this town to their friends and family and they come back real soon.
No I am not a paid blogger ... I post this for the information of anyone who decides to read it. Come to Hartford ... It's fun, I swear.

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