Monday, April 14, 2008

Airport internet is broken ... here is how you fix it.

I have a problem with the way many airports utilize wireless internet in their terminals. If you are going to strand people for long periods of time with canceled flights, or have us show up three hours early to get through security and then have to sit in the terminal for two hours, you shouldn't handle the way you handle internet service.

With the exception of Hartford's Bradley International Airport, I have a very hard time with a few things ... Here are the problems, and how to fix them:

  1. More plugs - The thing I can't stand most is watching people walk around aimlessly trying to find power ports on the walls of airports ... and worse sitting on the floor in the terminal because the only one they could find is the one by the trashcan that they obviously use for when they vacuum. Install the plugs on the sides or underneath the seats.
  2. Don't charge us for a day if we are there for 2 hours - Hartford's airport has free internet. There may be more airports out there, but the major hubs I fly through (most recently Detroit, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Denver) charge for internet access through AT&T, TMobile, etc. Why charge for a day pass if we aren't in the terminal for a whole day? Yes, many businesses will allow an employee to pay for the internet on the company dime ... but there should be more flexible plans available than a day pass. With that said ... Cleveland allowed me to purchase 2 hours for $3.99 ... Good move Cleveland.
  3. Give us more desk space - Even if it is a collapsable desk/tray like on the plane itself. I know it is a "lap"top, but let's be honest ... putting it on a countertop is always more comfortable.
That's all I can think of right now. I'm not sure if anyone else has any ideas ...

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