Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sorry for the last couple days

I have to apologize for further failing the goal of a daily post to this blog.  The explanation is simple ... I have been tired after long days of work, and have put spending time with my fiance above posting to my blog ... Forgive me.

A funny story happened yesterday though.  It was proven to me how small this world is by the sheer fact that while driving home from work, a random glance at a driver next to me proved an unwritten bond of brotherhood.  I cannot share much, but what I will say is ... there are SOME hand gestures that you can give while driving that can really make an impact in a positive way, and really show a connection you have with someone regardless of any prior interactions.

Yesterday's random encounter on the highway (which I have only called a few people about) proved to me how small this world really is.

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