Monday, July 07, 2008

Your Secret Life Online

Do you have a secret life online? 

Is there an AIM screename you only use with select people?  Do you have your privacy settings set to the maximum on Facebook and/or MySpace?  Do you have a YouTube account that you have posted but have never shared with anyone? 

Recently I was pleasantly surprised to find a YouTube page of a friend of mine that was quite interesting.  It showcased a secret talent that was quite good.  In fact, one of her videos was viewed over 8,000 times!

This got me thinking ... there are millions of people who post on blogs, YouTube pages, etc ... How many of them are my friends that are just doing it for fun and not sharing with anyone else?  Out of respect to my friends privacy I will not post the address to her videos here ... but on the off chance that she reads this post ... Your videos are very, very good.

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