Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Commitments

From time to time an individual must evaluate or re-evaluate the obligations and commitments that they have undertaken.  To me, that time came over this past summer with the execution of the OA's ArrowCorps5 initiative.  At the conclusion of the program I decided that I would take a step back from deep commitments to the OA program.  Part of this was motivated by my pure exhaustion and "burn out" associated with 3 years of planning the program, as well as heavy involvement in local lodge event programs.  Another motivating factor was of course my upcoming wedding and the desire to ensure I spend time with my  new wife.

This past weekend, my father passed away after complications associated with bleeding in his brain.  His body has been battered and bruised from two long fights with cancer.  His battle with the brain issues was very fast and from what the doctors said peaceful.  After a long couple days surrounded by my family I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my commitments.  It is with these considerations that I must inform you all that I have decided that for the time being I must take a step back from my Scouting commitments indefinately.  I feel that it is time to give the passion and commitment that I have given to the Order of the Arrow, and the Boy Scouts of America to another organization  ... the American Cancer Society.  My commitment of services to the American Cancer Society is my way of continuing my commitment to a lifetime of cheerful service to others, and helping other people at all times.  I feel very strongly that it is the two bouts with cancer that took my father away, and I will put the same passion that I have given to the OA/BSA to the American Cancer Society in my father's memory.


  1. I am very sorry to hear that your father has passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Steve. I truly appreciate it.