Sunday, October 12, 2008

Congratulations Katie and Matt Bradley

Today Heather and I had the chance to celebrate the marriage of Katie and Matt. Congratulations to you both!!!

Today was a very tough time. When the family met with the pastor before my dad's memorial service, she talked about how hard not only letting go would be ... but also how hard all of the "firsts" would be ... the first Christmas ... the first New Years ... the first birthday celebration ... and of course, the first wedding.

Although this wedding wasn't the "first" wedding (of course ... our wedding was the first) ... Katie and Matt's was the first family wedding that we had without dad. I was OK until I got home ... then it was tough.

I post this blog with tears in my eyes, as I don't mourn the loss of my father ... but I mourn what he is missing. He gave us everything he had until the very end. It is what he will not get to be a part of in his physical being that I mourn. I know he will always be there in spirit ... but the fact that his physical being will not be there is what makes me mourn.

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