Saturday, January 03, 2009

My New Year's Resolution

OK ... So after thinking long and hard, I decided that my new year's resolution is to communicate better.  I used to be really good at communicating with people in my personal/volunteer life.  For some reason this past year, I sortof let that slide a little.  Now part of that may have been the wedding ... or losses of loved ones ... or being over-worked ... But there are no excuses.  My friends deserve better from me.

To anyone that I have not replied to an e-mail or voicemail or IM or Facebook wall post this past year ... I am sorry.  You deserve, and will get better out of me.

Does that mean that I will once again try to post daily to this blog?  No.  I found that many times I would post just for the sake of posting ... and the posts had no meaning at all.  This time around, I will post weekly ... My thoughts about what is going on in my life and/or in the real world.  The best advice I have ever been given about blogging is to "blog for yourself and no one else" ... so that is what I am going to do.

So to my family, friends ... My new years resolution is to be better to you.


  1. I told you that you couldn't stay away Bro.

  2. Way from my blog? Never. It's my blog.