Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gil Sells Out ... but to Google, so it's OK.

Welcome to the first day of a revenue generating Blog for myself. That’s right … in hopes of generating a new source of income; I have enabled Google to infiltrate my Blog and place advertisements across the header and side of the site. Don’t worry though … I WILL NOT allow pop-ups to take over your web searching experience. That would just suck.

In hopes of creating more readers for this Blog, I am planning on selling out even more. That is right … I am selling out. While driving around central New Jersey today, I got to thinking … why not talk about stuff that matters in addition to my mindless banter? No one REALLY needs to hear ALL about my feelings and how my day went. I may actually get more readers if I talk about stuff that is actually happening, right? So, starting tomorrow I am going to start writing a personal commentary on current events. Items will range from gas prices to movies and sports and even global events of interest. Call me the internet’s Michael Moore … minus 1,000 pounds and a much less biased (and significantly less entertaining) viewpoint.

Thank you again for reading … and be sure to visit ads on the side and top of interest. They pay me!

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