Sunday, September 25, 2005

How to Make Google Talk Fly ... and turn a profit

It has been more than a month since Google launched "Google Talk", it's own version of an instant messanging service. The creation of this program was a venture into a new world, going against rivals MSN, AOL, and Yahoo!, who all have their own messaging services.

Being a Google enthusiast, I was quick to download the program and invite all of my friends to do the same. But alas, I only talk to 4 people on it regularly, and still use my AIM service to keep in touch with everyone else.

I have a suggestion to anyone from Google who may come across this Blog to help with the success of Google Talk. It may be a little pricey, but why not give away Google Branded microphones? In speaking with most of my friends, the big problem they have is that the huge feature of Google Talk (a better, more clear telephony service than the competitors) is not useable because they do not have microphones.

The easy solution is to send an e-mail to all GMail subscribers, offering a free microphone by registering for Google Talk. Don't sell the e-mail list or mailing list ... just give away mics to all that sign up for the program. Ultimately, this could create a much larger user base for Google Talk, making more subscribers to the Google Wireless Service if/when it happens. If you are a Google employee reading this ... feel free to use this idea, but also remember I am going to be looking for a job when I finish my MBA in 2007.


  1. like talking on a phone. Much clearer than AIM or MSN.