Sunday, September 25, 2005

A refreshing sight

Last night I went to dinner with a couple friends and a few of their friends and family. We went to Dave and Buster's ... a phenominal restaurant that is sortof a Chuck E Cheese, minus the robots, plus a liquer license.

After hanging around playing arcade games for about two hours, we finally sat down to eat. I ended up at the far end of the table as part of the "kids" section. There I got to sit with five young guys that were 15-17 years old. We had a great time hanging out, joking around about random stuff, as well as watched them count their thousands of tickets they had won towards prizes in the arcade. They had enough tickets to get a couple of them a free t-shirt, but were going to go back and use the last of their credits to win more to try to get shirts for the rest of them.

After we ate, my friend and I gave them our credit cards (the cards they give you instead of tokens or using coins), which had 60 and 40 credits on them respectively. The kids went on to play, while we (the "adults") stayed to keep talking and hanging out.

After a little while, the kids came back. Not with t-shirts for themselves, but with gifts for all of us adults. That to me was one of the most selfless things I have ever seen. Yes it is just a stupid arcade game prize room, and most of the prizes we got were gag gifts ... but the point is that these guys had an opportunity to do something for themselves, and they chose the most selfless act they could, and worked hard to get enough tickets for all of us to have a prize. That, is awesome.

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