Monday, December 05, 2005

Download Your Google Toolbar and Bring the World to You

I know that my homepage brings me information. I know that Every time I open my Mozilla Firefox browser I am going to see great news, weather and sports. But what happens when I have surfed away from that page. I don't want to have to hit home, just to type in the Google Search engine. That takes time.

This is why I downloaded the Google Toolbar. The Google Toolbar brings all of the great features of the Google homepage, right to your web browser. Yes, Yahoo! has a toolbar. AOL has a toolbar. MSN has a toolbar. ESPN has a toolbar. The list goes on and on. However, the Google Toolbar brings you to the most trusted Google search ... not a less reliable provider.

I like the Google Toolbar because it helps me save time, and I can use it whiel I am already in the middle of working. It opens my search in a new window, so I don't lose my place ... and brings me the results I need.

Download the Google Toolbar at

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