Thursday, December 01, 2005

Donate Your Idle Time

So I finally broke down today.  I decided, “Why not give of my idle time?  I’m not using it.”

I’ll admit, at first I was skeptical about Google Compute.  I wasn’t too sure if I felt comfortable with my computer being linked to thousands of other computers I had nothing to do with.  I thought, “What if someone hacked them and put a virus in every computer?”  I got over it.

I figure, my computer is idle, and otherwise just a waste of space while I am gone all day and asleep at night.  Why not have someone benefit from that computing power?

“Google Compute is a feature of the Google Toolbar that enables your computer to help solve challenging scientific problems when it would otherwise be idle. When you enable Google Compute, your computer will download a small piece of a large research project and perform calculations on it that will then be included with the calculations performed by thousands of other computers doing the same thing. This process is known as distributed computing.” (

Definitely visit this page and give it a thought.  You could help Stanford University with some medical research while you are not using your computer.

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