Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Google Approach to E-Mail

I use GMail. I love GMail. It is the best thing ever. GMail is Google's e-mail service. Why is it so good? I'll tell you.

First, I will never have to worry about having too much mail stored on my web-based e-mail service. With over 2GB of free storage, I don't have to delete anything.

But as for things I would want to delete (SPAM), I don't have to worry about it. Google's SPAM filter is AMAZING. I don't get SPAM anymore. I love it.

What else is great about GMail? Well, it's still in BETA ... so new stuff is always being added. Just this past week a new RSS Feed option was added to the top of my mailbox. The feed brings me news an information from my favorite sources. This is just another great way Google is bringing the information I need to me.

GMail is also great because it keeps all of my e-mails in context. I can't tell you how often I have to sift through my outbox to figure out what someone is responding to. With GMail, mail messages are saved as a conversation, so you can easily flip through past messages between you and the other person ... keeping the information about your conversations close at hand.

There are no intrusive ads on GMail either. Unlike at hotmail or yahoo, where flashy banner ads are all over the place, Google's ads are text based, and relevant to you. It may sound freaky, but Google's targeting ad software is able to take the topics of your e-mails and tailor the ads you receive to include information that might acctually interest you (rather than a flashy ad about viagra).

Afraid of replacing your old e-mail address? No big deal! GMail has a feature that allows you to send e-mails with your old address as the "from" address. This means you will easily be able to make the transition from another account to GMail.

Best of all ... it's FREE! There is no need to pay Google to allow you to have remote or POP access. They allow you to do it for free.

GMail is great. E-mail me at and I will send you an invitation to join ... it's the only way.

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