Tuesday, May 16, 2006

GMail moves in on Outlook

For those of you who do not use GMail ... first of all, shame on you for not at least reserving your name on the great e-mail service. Even people I know that have kept their @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com or whatever they use, have still at least registered an @GMail.com account. Users can only obtain an account by being invited by current members. I invite friends all the time. If you need an invite, e-mail me and I will send you one.
For those that are unaware, Google has launched 'Google Calendar', which is a new way to not only have a calendar of your events that you can check anywhere with an internet connection, but also share your calendar so friends and business associates can see if you have plans. Sounds kinda creepy ... but it's very useful at the same time. Microsoft Outlook has had the same type of tool available for years, allowing folks to share their calendars with other people in order to ease the process of planning important business meetings.
Also, Google has added a new feature to GMail, allowing you to post a contact of someone you know in their contact information (also available in Microsoft Outlook). This makes it possible for you to be able to identify someone you may have been in contact with only once or twice, and want to be clear of who they are before the big meeting. The photo also carries over into your Google Talk account, softof like a Buddy Icon in AIM.
The best part about all of this, is that along with these great new tools, is the same massive amount of storage space available by having a GMail account, all for free. Say what you want about stock price or business practices , but all I know is that Google's product offerings keep getting more useful, integrated and fun.

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