Thursday, May 18, 2006

Too much stuff for my Google Homepage

So I decided to try to freshen up my Google Homepage today and came to the realization that there is just way too much stuff to put on it. It seems that everyone and their brother has added something for you to stream on your homepage. You can have Pac-Man next to your New York Times news feed, a different feed for ESPN NHL, NFL, MLB, etc. news, and so many "word of the day" or "picture of the day" options, it's crazy.
Another problem is all of the text is so big. Partnered with the Google Deskbar on my screen, there is not enough space to even begin to categorize my homepage by news, sports, entertainment in the like.
Here is my five step plan for fixing the Google Homepage:

1) Make it easier for a user to classify their feeds into jumbles of feeds. Yahoo! has your homepage broken up. Take a playbook out of their organizational world.

2) Filter the crap. Don't allow people to post so much stupid content. Let's build a smarter America.

3) A few, relevant ads may be helpful. If Google did to their homepage what they did to my GMail inbox, I would have no problem. I might find something I am looking for on my internet destination.

4) More tools from Google. Google has a way of building gadgets that are fun, professional and useful. A section of "Content by Google" would enable me to streamline my homepage.

5) A shortcut to GMail and my calendar would be nice. When I visit GMail and my Google Calendar I have quick links to my homepage, but no link back. I would like to toggle between the three sometimes.

There you have it. I love how I have the ability to personalize my homepage ... these are just a few ways to clean it up a little.

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