Monday, May 22, 2006

Google Notebook ... My New Research Companion

I decided to give Google Notebook a try, as it was fresh and new, and from Google (big surprise). To be honest, I was really confused when I first logged in, as there isn't a whole lot of "instruction" right off the bat. So first and foremost, I would add more links to instructions from within the notebook itself.
But, with that said, after I figured out to install the Google Notebook plug-in to Mozilla Firefox, my notebooking can begin!
Imagine a group research project in college, where everyone needs to find pertinant information about a certain topic. Now, all the team has to do is search the web, search Google News or Google Scholar, select the text and information needed for the paper, and add them to their notebook. Users have the ability to share their notebook, so it is very easy to share the information with other people in your group.
Kudos to Google for making something that will be very useful for me as I continue my MBA studies.

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  1. There is notebook a gadget for the desktop sidebar
    It permits to access to the notes stored on your google notebook.

    Developer site
    Google desktop