Friday, May 26, 2006

I love Shuffle

This is a little late, as this product came up a long time ago, but I stole my girlfriend's iPod Shuffle today, and it is amazing. I love it.
Before work I realized my iPod was in my car. I remember Heather saying she needed to figure out how to re-format hers, so I figured, "Why not do it for her?" So, in being a caring boyfriend, I was able to put 250 of my songs on her iPod Shuffle, enabling me to be less bored at work.
It's so small, it doesn't have a screen to scratch, and it also holds "regular" data, because it doubles as a USB Jump Drive. How awesome is that?
I decided to price check them, and they are also less expensive than the rest of the iPods. Sure you can't watch videos or take pictures, but who really needs that?
Bottom line ... buy one.

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