Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nike + iPod ... Just Do It

When I heard on the radio yesterday that Nike and Apple were announcing a partnership to integrate the iPod into a pair of shoes, I was interested.

When I visited this morning, I was excited.

"What's cool about the Apple-Nike announcement is that the iPod is now an application platform for personal information," said Ted Schadler, a Forrester Research analyst, in a blog posting. "It could always store contacts and photos. But now it can log your miles, calories, and exercise time." (

When you check out the commerical, you see a runner go through a variety of environments, "shift gears" to his music, and run smoothly. That is because the iPod Nano is so small you can barely know it is in your wrist band.

As you run, your shoes send a signal to your iPod Nano through a small radio receiver, tracking how far you have gone, your rate, speed, etc. After your workout, you plug your iPod Nano back into your computer and track your progress. Perfect for folks looking for a way to track their work-out over time.

I have never been against iPods taking over the world. This is another way iPod is on its way. Kudos to Apple and Nike on a great idea!

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