Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Checking Out Google Checkout

Last week Google created another revenue producing product called Google Checkout. The basis of this product offering is giving users with a Google Account the ability to log-in and pay for products through partner websites by only having to remember their Google account user name and password, basically saving users the hassle of having to remember tons of log-in information for every site they use to buy items for.
How do you know if a online merchant is a Google Merchant? That's easy. First, on "sponsored links", Google now displays a tiny shopping cart to make you aware that the site you are about to visit accepts Google Checkout as a form of payment. That is great for Google, as they make their money when you click and buy items from those links (over a general search). Although Google Checkout is a little weak as far as the amount of merchants currently enrolled, this program has tons of potential. Rather than selling items under the Google name, Google simply helps you to find a retailer. That beats and Amazon and eBay, as you have tons of options. And as long as you trust Google's Account Security, you know that whatever merchant you use will be safe as well (as Google doesn't share your entire contact information or credit information with their retailers).
In addition to a clean user interface, Google also allows you to store as many credit cards and shipping addresses as you want. Very convenient for the college student or business professional.
Check out the new service at

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