Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Google Homepage Spinoffs?

I received my Google Friends Newsletter (a Google Group) today, and reading through it was pretty much a review for me. I know about Google Calendar. I have played with Google Spreadsheets. I even updated Google Earth the day I knew they came out with a new Beta version. However, I was informed of a new service ... Google U.S. Government Search.
My first thought was that this is another Google Specialized Search Feature. The interesting thing is, Google U.S. Government Search has been a Specialized Search feature for quite some time. The huge difference now? Well, the new U.S. Government Search allows a user to customize the topics, simliar to the general Google Homepage.
The U.S. Government Search does not have capability for Google Gadgets (like the 'normal' homepage), but it is set up simliar to the older version of the homepage, with U.S. Government and Politics news able to be used to personalize what is shared. This new Google Service is a great thing for folks interested in politics, and who want to get informed about topics going into election time.
But what other spinoffs can there be? Could we be looking at a new wave in homepage usages? Mozilla Firefox's tabbed browsing makes it easy for a user to have multiple "home" pages. Could Google be gearing up for many different page offerings such as entertainment, sports, technology, etc? Time will tell ... but it could be fun.

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