Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Note on Customer Service

So I called Cold Stone Creamery today to redeem a $3 coupon they sent me through e-mail for a cake for Mother's Day. The first location I called (Middletown, CT) did not answer their phone. The phone rang and rang and rang, and finally when voicemail was reached, did not provide any information as to why no one picked up, or how to order if a special order was desired.

So, not to be deterred, I decided to give the relatively new Cold Stone a chance (Newington, CT). After two rings, a pick-up (SUCCESS!) and a happy greeting. I pleasantly asked, "Is it too late to order a specialty cake for Mother's Day?', since it is in fact the Thursday prior to the special day. Rather than answer my question yes or no, the employee on the other end responded with, "Could you please call back in a little while? I have customers right now."

I could have sworn I was a customer. Well, I WAS a customer. Maybe someone forgot to tell Cold Stone's employees to check out this post by Seth. I guess I will be going to Maggie Moo's.

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