Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Slight Fop ah

John Edwards ... I am a little disappointed today. I still support you politically, but I am motivated to show my disappointment in the announcement of "Women for John Edwards". I am not upset about the program ... In fact, I think it is great for any way a group can come together in support of your cause.

What I don't like, is the fact that I was invited to join through a bulk e-mail. From time to time I get e-mails from you camp because I asked to be a part of them. However I am in fact a male, and personally do not qualify to join "Women for John Edwards". What kept your PR department from filtering the e-mail to only invite females? This e-mail drifts to the side of "impersonal", as I am sure when registering to gain information from you I noted that I was a male (which you probably collected because it is necessary for your demographic profiling).

Just a note about this fop ah, and a hope that it doesn't happen again.

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