Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Green for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, my blog has "gone green".

Today I woke up at my hotel in southern New Jersey to my complimentary copy of USA Today outside my door. It features a special pullout section dedicated to "going green". The irony here of course is the fact that this article is written on newsprint ... newsprint is made of paper ... which comes from trees.

I shared this thought with a co-worker of mine, and he said:

this is tree, but depending on how the paper is made, it's can be a renewable resource. it also can be shared. everything has a footprint

I do agree that it is cool to share your newspaper or magazine. This would help with alleviating the carbon footprint by the production of the newspaper itself. This would be good if it actually changed the amount of newspapers that are printed on a daily basis ... and thrown away in non-recycling receptacles. It's sad how many newspapers I observed taken by people who read one article and then threw the entire newspaper in the garbage when they left the hotel ... The rack in the lobby is empty because of this!

My personal pledge from this day forward is to exclusively read daily newspaper articles online. There are tons of options, which include (but are not limited to):
I figure if I stop touching newspapers, and others do the same, less newspapers will need to be produced ... thus lowering wasteful printing ... Economics at its best!

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