Tuesday, November 29, 2005

OK, Enough!

While surfing the web, I came across a new way businesses are trying to connect to consumers.  The common complaint with e-commerce that I know if is a lack of “personal” appeal like you get by going down the street to your local store.  SitePal is seeking to remedy that situation.

“SitePal is an Internet-based subscription service that allows you to create a wide-array of animated speaking characters, which can be added to your website for a variety of professional and personal applications.
SitePal provides a rich, easy-to-use to interface that makes the process of designing, managing and publishing your characters a breeze!” (http://www.oddcast.com/sitepal2/whatis/whatis/)
Basically, what SitePal does is allows you to create an animated character to appear on your website (similar to that annoying paperclip in Microsoft Word) and engage the visitor.  There are many “uses” for this character, many of which are showcased by SitePal at http://www.oddcast.com/sitepal2/whyuse/business/
To be honest, I can see the benefits of SitePal … someone that talks you through steps while you are using a website.  However, it is obnoxious.  When I open a site and hear someone talking, I automatically think “where is the advertisement and how do I mute it?”
Time will tell if this thing catches on.  Who knows? I may change my mind.

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