Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Update to a Complaint

Last month I wrote about how I felt there was Too much stuff for my Google Homepage. I complained that there were too many options for panels, and no way to simplify the page and make it much cleaner like the Yahoo! equivalent (which I still don't use). Well, last night I figured out a great way to consolidate the contents of my Google Homepage by utilizing the Google Reader. By simply using the reader to subscribe to as many RSS feeds as I like, and classifying them by categories I choose (Sports, World News, Technology, etc.), I have been able to remove a lot of the clutter from my Google Homepage because one of the choices for a homepage panel is the feeder itself.
Another great feature of the Google Reader is the ability to share your feeds on another webpage. I can select which categories to share, copy and paste a line of HTML, and share any feeds I want, on any site I want. Keep a look out on, as I may post a reader there as an example.
So, in closing, I would like to say that I retract my earlier post, and find the Google Homepage even more useful than before.

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