Monday, May 05, 2008


OK ... So the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs was not nearly as nice to me as the first. Granted, I was victimized by my lack of knowledge of the Western Conference paired with my emotional pick of the Avalanche beating the Red Wings when I knew in my gut that I was guaranteeing myself a loss.

With that said ... here are my Conference Final Picks for the 2008 NHL Playoffs!!!

EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS #1 Pittsburgh vs. #6 Philadelphia
It's a battle for Pennsylvania only rivaled by the Democratic Presidential Primary! I think this one should be played in Harrisburg on neutral territory like a Super Bowl. Quite honestly I was in South Jersey last week and I talked to a Flyers fan at an Applebee's. He even admitted that the Flyers have no chance against Sydney Crosby and the fully loaded Penguins. I tend to agree ... Penguins in 6.

WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS #1 Detroit vs. #5 Dallas
Two teams I cannot stand. Honestly, whichever team goes to the finals will lose to Pittsburgh. But in an effort to save my playoff record, I am going to have to go against my personal beliefs and long-standing disdain for the Red Wings ... Detroit in 5.

There we have it folks ... The 2008 Stanley Cup Finals will consist of the high flying Penguins (ironic because Penguins cannot fly), will take on the hated Detroit Red Wings.

Let me know what you think!

(For the record, my playoff picks record is 7-5)

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